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Professional and individual counseling sessions available to meet your schedule

Individual counseling

There are many reasons that you should consider individual counseling sessions with a licensed social worker. Whether it’s  family, work, or school issues, talking with a professional can help.

We offer sliding scale payments to meet your budget.

Don't be embarrassed or ashamed of your feelings - it's ok to seek help.

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Balancing work or school with personal time and family life can be a difficult task that can create feelings of tension, anxiety or depression. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Co-Dependency, Seperation Anxiety, etc… can make it even more difficult to cope.


These are common issues that can often be alleviated by speaking with a professional counselor on a regular basis. Call today to learn more about scheduling an appointment.

Family counseling services

Families first:

Sometimes it's hard to prioritize parts of your life. Find the right work and life balance with our professional family counseling.

Get help balancing your life

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We have a flexible schedule to fit into your already busy life. We offer appointments Tuesday through Friday and are conveniently located near the Long Island Railroad.

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