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Anxiety and panic disorders don't have to control your life

Take control of your stress and anxiety

Living with anxiety and/or panic attacks is no way to get through life. Seeking assistance from a licensed social worker can make all the difference in learning to cope with these afflictions. Call us today to get started.

Susan Gardner, LCSW BCD has over 40 years of experience helping others.

Susan Gardner is a New York State licensed social worker serving the greater Massapequa community.

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A phobia is an extreme or irrational fear of something that can cause feelings of dread and horror in an individual. Phobias can come in many forms and occur at any time.


Susan Gardner, LCSW BCD can assist you with learning to understand and deal with these irrational fears and thoughts, as well as providing you with coping strategies to ease the panic.

Are you suffering from depression?

Depression is gaining national attention as more people struggle with the challenges of daily life. Individual counseling can help you deal with these stressors.

Dealing with irrational fears

Board certified diplomat

The Board Certified Diplomat in Clinical Social Work (BCD) is the profession’s premier advanced-generalist practice certification. It embodies the highest standards in the areas of clinical education, training, and experience at the Master’s Degree level in social work.

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