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Not sure where to turn when you need someone to talk to?

With over 40 years of listening to and helping others, Susan Gardner,  LCSW BCD is a New York licensed social worker who can assist you with infertility, family, individual, couple and anxiety disorder counseling.  

Life is challenging. Day in and day out we come across people and events that increase our stress or even make us feel downright upset and anxious. Sometimes things occur that are life altering and cause emotions that are hard to understand, unpleasant or seemingly impossible to deal with.

Trying to have a baby for a long period of time and being unsuccessful can be a frustrating and difficult experience to understand and to go through on your own.


Susan Gardner, LCSW BCD is here for you to talk to and gain a better grasp on this trying

time in your life. With over 40 years of experience and as a member of RESOLVE, she has the experience necessary to work through the complexities of infertility.

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When you or someone you love is feeling like things are out of control, it may be time to seek professional help from a licensed social worker like Susan Gardner, LCSW BCD.

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